CyberInsights Support

Unlimited technical support is provided on all of our services. On this page, you'll find links pages to help with many of the questions you'll encounter. But if you can't find the help you need here, contact us.

Email Support

Here's how to decide which type of email is most useful to you and how to configure your computer to use it:

SmarterMail 3 Support

CyberInsights gives you the power of SmarterMail 3®, allowing you to access your email from anywhere you have an Internet connection. You can still use Outlook or Outlook Express if you wish, or simply use the ease and full-featured SmarterMail® to receive and send email, keep your contacts, calendar, tasks, set or change your password, etc. It is a very user-friendly interface and also provides full on-screen support.

SmarterStats Site Statistics

CyberInsights offers a vast array of statistics on your site visitors at no extra charge. You can tell how many visitors you've received, where on your site they go, how long they stay, what keywords and search engines they use to get to your site, and much, much more, and you can study trends over time. For more information:

Programming and Web Publishing Support

Want to design and publish your own site? Once it's ready, here's how to upload it to your domain using several of the most popular programs.


Watch for new troubleshooting articles soon.



Many people don't realize that, with CyberInsights, they can access their email account from anywhere in the world -- all you need is access to the Internet.

Do you know that your new, more powerful CyberInsights Site Statistics by SmarterStats® puts incredible detail at your fingertips about who is visiting your site? Make use of this great feature.