How do I Enable Spam Filters for my Email Account?

SmarterMail includes many advanced anti-Spam measures that help keep out unwanted junk mail. There are three levels of Spam probability: low, medium and high. Customizing Spam settings flags certain messages for their level of Spam probability. The flagged messages are then handled according to specified actions for each level.

To set a Spam filter for incoming email messages, please follow these steps:

  1. Launch the SmarterMail interface at:
  2. Login using your email address and password.
  3. From the Settings menu select My Spam Filtering.
  4. Select the radial button Override Spam settings for this account.
  5. Click the Actions tab.
  6. In the 'Low Probability of Being Spam' section, select an Action for incoming email messages. The actions are defined as:
    • No Action - nothing is done to the email message
    • Delete Message - the email message is immediately deleted
    • Move to Junk E-Mail folder - the email message is moved to the junk email folder (a default folder created by SmarterMail)
    • Add text to subject line - additional text can be added to the subject line of the email message

  7. Click the Trusted Senders tab.
  8. Enter the email address(es) that will not be checked by the Spam filter.
  9. spam
  10. Click Save.