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From time to time, CyberInsights recommends software or other products which we believe are exceptional products and good value for the money. We have purchased and we use every product we recommend and we do not accept free products from manufacturers. You will never see a whole "store" on the CyberInsights site; just a few selected products that we find helpful and important in our work and believe you might find them useful as well.

Spy Catcher

Tenebril Spy CatcherCyberInsights recommends Spy Catcher from Tenebril. NEW! SpyCatcher 3.5 wipes out thousands of spyware, adware, trojans and other threats. It also blocks reinstallation, protects you from phishing scams, and even updates automatically to provide up-to-date defense from the growing threat of spyware. We have tried several spyware removal programs and believe this is the best currently available. ($29.95).

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The sources of information and products we list here offer a wealth of helpful material. We use any products or services listed and we can rercommend them firsthand.