How do I Create a Catch-All Alias?

A "catch-all" email address will direct any email messages sent to an email account that does not exist on your domain name to a designated email account. This is sometimes helpful so that you do not lose email sent to misspelled email addresses. For example, if you have an email account to and someone mis-addresses an email to, a catch-all would send that misspelled email to the address you specify. Otherwise it would "bounce." The down-side of catch-all email addresses is that they often allow SPAM to enter your mailbox since spammers often send spam to many email addresses hoping that some "get through."

A "catch-all" email address maybe created only by the root user. To create a "catch-all" email address, please follow these steps:

  1. Open a browser window go to:
  2. Login as with the password supplied in your setup email.
  3. If the alias does not yet exist, create the alias you wish to use as the catch all. Instructions for creating an email alias can be found here.
  4. From the Domain Settings menu select Email Aliases.
  5. Click Set Catch-All

  6. From the drop-down menu, select the alias you wish to use.
  7. Click Save.