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Dr. Randy Lee is the founder and owner of CyberInsights. A licensed psychologist for over thirty years, he has been actively involved in computing since 1980 when, as its past president, he convinced the Connecticut Psychological Association that they could benefit from buying a computer -- at that time an Apple II+!

He has been actively involved in the Internet and web programming since the very beginning of the World Wide Web, and has been designing web sites since the early 1990s. He serves as Director of the Counseling Center and as Associate Professor of Psychology at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut where he teaches courses in mind/body health and medicine, psychotherapy, and clinical psychology. He also chairs the Information Technology in Education Committee at Trinity.

In 1998 he formed CyberInsights, LLC. Since the beginning, CyberInsights has specialized in web site design, hosting and consultation, particularly for professional practices (psychology, dentistry, law, chiropractic, etc.), non-profit organizations, and small businesses.

His approach to web design is to create an effective interaction between the artistic and the technical -- to use the latest web technology to provide an effective web presence for CyberInsights' clients, and to do it in a creative, artistically appealing form that conveys the sense of the client's professional identity.

As a natural outgrowth of his interests in psychology and communication, and his strong interest and experience in computing, Randy cites a comment from Molly E. Holzschlag, noted web designer, to explain his own involvement in web design:

"It was only natural, then, that my love for communication, design, and technology should end up right here with Web design. This field, like no other of which I am aware, so naturally blends the scientific and the artistic, the verbal and spatial, the linear and the tangential. It's really a very balanced place, and I feel balanced and fulfilled within it." --Molly E. Holzschlag

Finally, a note about many of the photos in the CyberInsights web site: Many were taken by Randy in Ocean City, New Jersey where he spends as much time as possible. Henry Beston, in his 1928 book, The Outermost House, captures some of the reasons:

The three great elemental sounds in nature are the sound of rain, the sound of wind in a primeval wood, and the sound of outer ocean on a beach. I have heard them all, and of the three elemental voices, that of ocean is the most awesome, beautiful, and varied. For it is a mistake to talk of the monotone of ocean or of the monotonous nature of its sound. The sea has many voices. Listen to the surf, really lend it your ears, and you will hear in it a world of sounds: hollow boomings and heavy roaring, great watery tumblings and tramplings, long hissing seethes , sharp, rifle-shot reports, splashes, whispers, the grinding undertone of stones, and sometimes vocal sounds that might be the half-heard talk of people in the sea. And not only is the great sound varied in the manner of its making, it is also constantly changing its tempo, its pitch, its accent, and its rhythm, being now loud and thundering, now almost placid now furious, now grave and solemn-slow, now a simple measure, now a rhythm monstrous with a sense of purpose and elemental will.

--Henry Beston, The Outermost House, Ballantine 1928 (1971), p. 35.

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