Search Engine Services

Once your web site is designed and "live" on the Internet, you want people to be able to find it. Of course you'll give out your web address using email, your business cards, letterhead, and other advertising, but you also want people to find you while searching on the Internet. Most people search for businesses and services by using search engines (like Google, Yahoo, Alta Vista, and others).

Getting your site "ranked high" when people enter a search term on a search engine like Google has become big business. With literally billions of web pages out there, getting your site to come up on a Google search (or Yahoo search, an All-The-Web search, etc.) depends on many factors. CyberInsights offers services to help you rank high on search terms related to your site. But there are some basic facts you need to know to maximize the likelihood of your site coming up when someone searches.

Keep in mind that search engines try to list the most relevant sites for any particular search. So for example, if you have a general psychotherapy practice in Connecticut and among other specialties you offer behavior therapy, the likelihood of your site coming up in a search for "behavior therapy" on Google is very low. Why? Simply because your site deals with other aspects of your psychotherapy practice as well as behavior therapy, and there are hundreds of site devoted to various aspects of behavior therapy specifically, and nothing else. Try it -- do a Google search on "behavior therapy" and see what comes up high. Here's another example: Suppose you are a chiropractor who offers a variety of wellness services, including various exercise techniques like pilates. It's very unlikely that your site will come up high when someone types "pilates" into a search engine box, since there are thousands of sites specifically and exclusively devoted to pilates, and your site is related primarily to your general chiropractic practice and just mentions pilates.

So the "trick" is to decide which search terms you want to "target." That is, realistically, what terms (usually 2- or 3-word phrases), when typed into a search engine box, do you want to focus on to try to have your site rank high? Most people type several words into a search engine box. They don't just type "behavior therapy" or "pilates" if they are looking for someone who offers these services in their area, they type something like "behavior therapy Connecticut", or "pilates Philadelphia," etc.

CyberInsights can work with you to determine the search terms most related to your site that we can target to help your site rank high. If your site is very general in its focus, and you want to target specific search phrases, you might want to consider additional sites each targeting specific areas in which you want to attract clients/customers. Again, at CyberInsights, we invest considerable time and resources into understanding and following the complex developments in search engine technology so that we can help your site rank high on the terms most relevant to your business.

Why A Search Position Service?

The number of web sites on the Internet continues to grow by leaps and bounds. The US Department of Commerce estimates that well more than two-thirds of the U.S. population now uses the Internet regularly, accessing any of the several billion pages now on-line. With thousands of new domains on-line each week, search engines are becoming even more significant as the place where people find your site on the Internet. But getting listed on the various search engines is also becoming more difficult. With limited resources, and stiff competition, search engines are becoming more sophisticated in their quest to list the latest and most up-to-date sites.

Despite what many believe, most search engines often do not "find" your site unless you submit it to them for approval and inclusion. What's more, unless your site meets their criteria, they may not even list you at all even if you submit it, or they may give it low priority on the search terms for which you want to be found.

Even the biggest search engine sites (Google, Yahoo, Alta Vista, etc.) list only a small fraction of all the web sites on the Internet.  You want them to list yours.

One problem is that the criteria for each of the major search engines are not the same: some have a maximum number of words they allow on the main home page of a site, others want a title that is a certain number of words long, with over 50% of those words being the site's "keywords." Others want no more than one keyword in the title and want only a certain maximum number of occurrences of the keywords on each page. Some want no more than 10 keywords listed in a META tag (a programming code that identifies a site's keywords automatically), while others will accept 20 or more. Some don't even look at META tags.

Some want a description of the site (the words that appear when your site comes up in a search) that is no more than 10 words long; others want a minimum of 25. Some sites strongly favor sites submitted to them for review every month; others only want it to be submitted once. You get the idea - " can't please all of the people all of the time."

How To Get Your Site Highly Ranked

So what can you do if you want your site to come up highly ranked in a search on an important keyword?

There are many programs and services available which will submit your site to many search engines at once. But here too, the search engines are becoming sophisticated and many have ways to check how a site is submitted, and reject it if it is done by so called "bulk submitting." And of course, these services don't optimize your site for the search engines.

What is clear to most web site developers is that merely submitting their Web site to the major search engines isn't enough. After submitting their site, even with META tags and descriptions, many search engines fail to place their site within the top 30 matches, let alone in the top 10.


Over 95% of the searches on the web are done on one of the top 4-5 search engines (including Google, Yahoo, Alta Vista, AllTheWeb, AOL Search, Netscape, etc.). If you want your site is to come up highly placed on a search (in the top 30 "hits" if not higher), you have to work at optimizing your site for the various search engines. This takes

  • time,
  • knowledge of the changing criteria of the various engines and ways to keep up with those changes,
  • technical skills required to modify your site to meet the various criteria,
  • software to allow you to do hundreds of searches automatically to see just how well your site is doing so that progress toward the top positions can be monitored.

CyberInsights Search Position Service does this and more...

  • First, working with you, we identify the important keyword phrases - the words that you want to be found on when someone enters them into a search box on a search engine.
  • Next, we check to see where your site appears now on each of the major search engines using each of the keyword phrases.
  • Then using sophisticated software technology; we identify problems and then modify the wording and programming tags on your site to maximize its search engine position for the keywords. This includes working with you to develop good descriptions so that when people find your site on the search engine, they get a succinct, effective message about why they should click through to you.
  • The next step is often to create "portal" pages, specialized pages that are designed for some of the specific search engine that we want to target for each keyword. These are the pages that the search engine first "visits" to decide whether to list your site.
  • After that we submit your site to each search engine using a technology that looks to the search engine as though it's being submitted entirely "by hand." In some cases, where doing so benefits your site, we DO submit your site by hand.
  • We then resubmit the site at the interval that maximizes the likelihood of acceptance by each search engine, using proprietary information sources to gather these criteria.
  • Finally we give you complete statistics frequently to show you how well your site is doing and where it's coming up in the search engines on the keywords we've targeted. We can even compare your site to your competitors' to see how well you do in comparison.

AND WE GUARANTEE OUR SERVICE. More specifically, if you use our full service, we guarantee at least 15 top-30 positions on the major search engines among up to eight keywords within six months (and you'll probably get more than 15).

In other words, using your 10 keyword phrases, you'll get at least 15 top-30 positions in the major search engines. If that goal isn't reached in 6 months, all your fees for the service are fully refunded. While we can't make the same guarantee with our limited service, we are still sure your site will come up substantially higher than it did before using the service.

Even with CyberInsights' investment in top quality consulting services and software to keep us up-to-the-minute about the search engines' changing patterns and criteria, successful search engine work is customized for your site and is very time consuming. We offer our full service and a budget limited hourly service:

Full Service

When we design your site, we work with you originally to determine the most appropriate keyword phrases and we develop your site with these in mind. We also submit your site to the major engines as part of our design services. But you may want to go beyond that: We'll do all the work listed in the bulleted items above, providing you with an initial report of where you stand, customize your site for up to 8 keyword phrases, submit your site to the major search engines as often as is recommended by each, and provide you with bi-monthly statistics on how you come up in searches on all keywords on all the major search engines, as well as how those standings have changed since the last report. This service priced at $495 for the initial set-up and customization, WHICH INCLUDES three months follow-up, and then $99/month thereafter for updating, resubmission, and tweaking of the site to keep your site coming up in the top 30 and higher. Bi-monthly reports keep you fully posted on how your site is doing. You can cancel the service at any time. Many services similar to ours charge $1000-$1500 or more just for the set-up! At CyberInsights you get set-up and three months follow-up for $495, for up to 8 keyword phrases.

If you desire more limited or more extensive monthly follow-up service, we can work out a plan that meets your needs.

Hourly Service

Even without the full service, we can dramatically boost your rankings on major search engines. We will work with you to determine how much time makes sense given your budget and your business, so that you can be found on the search engines in a way that provides the best balance of cost and rankings.

Get Started Now...

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